Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Lampshade Makeover

Here's an easy way to turn a blah lampshade into a beautiful custom shade. You can find great shades at garage sales and thrift stores for next to nothing. Your really just looking for a great shape. You can cover everything else.

First, I ripped the trim pieces off of the shades so there wouldn't be any bumps. Don't toss it.... you can use it later. Then I  cut my fabric into fat strips, with the top being slightly smaller than the bottom. Each lampshade will be different. You can always cheat a bit and cover gaps or overlapping areas with pieces of trim.  

Next, I used spray adhesive to cover a section or two at a time. Be sure to work in a well venilated area. Spray adhesive is really smelly. I used clothes pins at the edges to make sure there were no gaps at the top and bottom. When this dries, go around and finish edges. I used spray adhesive but then I went back and used the trim pieces that I ripped off of the original cover to finish the edges.

Finally, I added different trims to hide the messy edges and to give it personality.

Happy hump day!



Miss Mustard Seed said...

Very cute! These turned out so great. I love the patch work look to them and it's a great use for scrap fabrics. Nice job!

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Very cute! I love making lampshades - so easy to cute them up and fast. Oh and I'm on your sidebar - thank you thank you!!

Embellish-Vintage Home Embellishments said...

Hey, I just put your lamp shades on two lamps at the shop and they look stunning!!!!

Linda said...

I love the look that you have going on here...soooo CUTE!


Linda said...

Hi..Thanks for coming by my blog...I stumbled upon yours and I must say I LOVE IT!!

Lisa said...

I've covered many lampshades over the years but I've never thought about using two different fabrics on the shade. That is a great idea!! Your lampshade turned out super cute!!

Lisa said...

Love your shade!! Well Done You!!
I can get Mary Janes Farm magazine at Barns and Nobles and Borders here. I did get a subscription but they have them in the stores here now.
Hugs, Lisa

Crafts By Karina said...

Lovely Lamp Shades!! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

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