Sunday, January 30, 2011

Girl's Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

Here are the photos from the girls bathroom remodel. We wanted to mix some of the newer trends, like glass tile and Quartz with some of the elements of a vintage style bathroom, like bead board and 
Carrara marble basket weave floors. I think we achieved all of this while staying on a budget. I've added some my money saving tips with the links to the stores where I shopped. 
 I hope you find the tips helpful.


It was way worse in person. The wall by the shower was rotting and the cabinets were falling apart.
It was also leaking into the kitchen so it was time to remodel.

We gutted the whole bathroom down to the stud's and started over.

The new trend in bathrooms is to use glass tile. There are so many beautiful ones that it is hard to choose.  Since we won't be remodeling this bathroom again for a very long time I wanted a tile that was neutral and could go with just about any color that I put with it. This glass tile is clear and Carrara marble. A word of caution about glass tile.... it's hard to cut smoothly. My guy had cuts all over his hands and there is some feathering with the grout in some places. Also, because the thin set on the wall was gray it gave the tiles a green appearance instead of white/ clear.  I would use white next time. The    is a great place to buy tile. They are about the cheapest that I found. Everything arrive quickly in great condition. I even got the Carrara Marble floor tiles from them. I spent less on my marble floors than my friend spent on commercial grade linoleum for her bathroom.

We removed the linen closet and added open shelving for the towels. The closet was just a place for the girls to hide all of their stuff. It was always a mess. Now it's easy to keep clean and organized. 

 The vanity was the most expensive purchase. If you want a white vanity with inlay drawers and doors you will have to have it custom made. This was surprising to me. We added these cute glass knobs that I found at Homegoods.

Instead of a towel rod we added three hooks. It's convenient to just grab your towel to dry off and the girls have no excuse not to hang their towels.

To keep cost down, I bought this mirror at Homegoods and painted it white. 
I spent about $30.

 And what would a vintage bathroom be without bead board.
The shower curtain was from Homegoods too.

The counter is Quartz which is the most durable, maintenance free product on the market. It's more beautiful in person. It has little pieces of mirror that sparkle when the light hit it. I could go for weeks without wiping it down (but I don't) because it doesn't show a thing.
I found this in the remnant yard at a kitchen/counter design center.

 We made two recessed spaces to hold the shampoo, soap, etc.  The bottom is a marble slab. If you are looking for a piece of marble this small try to find a place that has marble window seals. It was $20 for both. To have two pieces cut at a counter design center, it was going to be about $100. 

 I love the new trend with square sinks so I had to add one.

 Once again, I didn't want a towel rod in the shower either. In the old shower the towel rod was always piled full of wash clothes. Now, each girl has a hook. The washcloths dry nicely and the shower stays cleaner.   I searched and searched for new hooks like these and couldn't find them anywhere.  I went to the local salvage yard and found two porcelain hooks. I was so happy. They cleaned up beautifully and look brand new.

 Have a great week!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ideas for Displaying Family Photos

My familly room photo's were on the homepage of It is an awesome online collection of home decor photos. Check it out. You will love it!


New Year's Resolution: Frame Your Photos

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