Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Costume Ideas

If you are like me you're probably scrambling to find a cute last minute Halloween costume. Here are a few that we came up with over the years. Some are store bought, some are homemade, and some are a little of both.

This is probably my favorite costume of all time.
 Rowan loves animals, all animals and she loves her webkinz. 
So, I made her this cute little puppy costume.
 The little prize button on her chest reads "Pick of the litter."
This was very easy to make. The top is a white hooded sweatshirt 
with patches of white and brown fur sewn on. I made the ears from 
white and brown fur that I sewed together
 like you would if you were making a pillow. I added a few pipe 
cleaners to the ears to make them stiff
 and I added them to the hood with a few stitches.
 The bottom is just brown sweats and brown fuzzy slippers. 
This costume is not only cute but also comfy, warm, 
and easy to run around in collecting candy.

This was an easy one too because we had
everything at home except the glasses and the peace necklace.
Zoe is so creative....that is a belt around her head!

Of coarse, a pirate. 

We had the dresses but I can't remember where we got them. 
I do remember going to World Plus Market and getting the umbrella,
 shoes, and chop sticks for their hair.
Adding black eyeliner and bright lips finished it off.

Too cute

Don't forget little details like painting on a little black nose or whiskers.
 I just used my eyeliner. I think it stays on better.

Zoe was mad this year because everyone kept telling 
how pretty she looked and she wanted to look scary.

They made themselves look like BOYS. 
I love the attitude they used to pull off the look

Rowan wore her sisters cheerleading uniform.

An ipod
This is my second favorite costume but I don't have any photos to show you. 
Zoe and a group of her friends made these together. 
Each one of them was a different color ipod. 
We made sandwich boards by adding elastic straps.
 Hint: make sure you don't put them too far apart or they slip off of their shoulders.
 Finish the look off with white turtlenecks and leggings.

I thought that I would add in this little cute little Halloween craft 
idea that my daughter did at her school last year.
They had tons of white sheets and white cotton fabric ripped up. 
The kids glued them on, added black marks and eyes.
Easy and cute!

I hope I gave you a few ideas for Halloween or at least inspired you to create something at home yourself. I had fun looking through my old photos, seeing how cute my girls looked when they were little, and seeing how much they have changed over the years. (sniff, sniff) They grow up too fast.

Have a safe and fun weekend,


Annette said...

What great memories!

Angela said...

Very creative costumes!

Embellish-Vintage Home Embellishments said...

This post is so adorable. I makes want to cry! Completely precious. They are growing way too fast. P.S. the costume ideas are great!

Prancing Pixie Studio said...

Great costumes! I love to see kids dressed appropriatly for Halloween. The puppy costume is my favorite too....Cute and cozy!

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Great costumes!!

Stephanie said...

Thank you. I have one more to add. Hopefully, I'll be able to get it posted today.
Have a great week,
Stephanie said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing your great memories and creative ideas.

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