Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easily Organized Sport/School Photos

If your kids are like mine and have played sports since they were little, then you know how many team photos you can collect over the years. They're cute. I love going back and looking at them. But, I really don't want to display them all. They would take over the house. 

Here is the easiest way to keep them neatly organized.

Each child gets their own binder.  When they move out (sniff will be here before you know it) they get to take this with them and it will be a great reminder of all of the fun that they have had and the successes that they have achieved over the years. 

Fill it full of clear sheet protectors

Whenever they get a new photo, I just slide it in.  Let me just add, scrap booking is great and if you are into that, that's great. It would be a much prettier set up. I'm just a little bit lazier, and this is perfect for me. No stress involved. Just pop it in.

Each binder in separated into the different sports and I usually add a few candids, ribbons, metals, etc.

I eventually added their school photos too. Simple, easy and all in one place.

When ordering the sport photos, I try to stay consistent and just order the memory mate (shown below). However, it's not always offered.

My favorite part about keeping these binders is about the 3 times a year when we add the new photos we get to sit down and flip through the book. It's amazing how fast your kids grow. Enjoy every minute!! My oldest will be going to college in two years and I still can't believe how fast it went.

Happy organizing!!



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Tara said...

I've been looking for a way to keep years of pictures organized! I too love the scrapbook idea but don't have the time to make that happen. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm sure your kids love those books. :)

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