Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Here are a few random photos from around my home.

A tree filled with vintage ornaments.

Old ornaments and postcards tucked in everywhere.

This is the Christmas house my mother gave me after my Grandma passed away. I remember loving it so much when I was little (and I still do).

I replaced the orange and black photo in here to a cheery Christmas one. A vintage postcard and scrapbooking supplies and walla!

I also use sprigs of pine, boxwood, and cypress everywhere. 

My front door x2 (I have double doors)

Happy decorating


Annie said...

Absolutely stunning! I showed my Mom your blog & she was in love - I think you two would be fast friends with your collections!

Linda said...

It's all soooo fav is the monogram on your mirror! Merry Christmas!


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