Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vintage Framed Magnetic Chalkboard

There is something about a chalkboard in an old frame that makes me happy.
Here are the basic steps in creating one for yourself.
I buy a sheet of galvanized steel from Lowes (be sure to take a magnet with you) I use tin snips to cut it and then I add about 5 coats of chalkboard paint to it.
Cut a piece of cardboard to the same size as the galvanized steel and add it to the back for extra support.

I added a few magnets made from vintage buttons and a piece of chalk that I found in box at an estate sale. I hung the chalk from ribbon tied to a little eye hook that I attached to the top of the frame.


Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Thanks for the tip. I love the ornate frame you found...

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

I love this.. I have one of these too. You are so right that seeing a chalkboard in an old frame does make you happy.. for me seeing anything in an old frame makes me happy too.
Thanks for sharing..

Cherry Tart Design said...

That is really neat! I would have never thought of using chalkboard paint. Thank you for sharing.

LillySue said...

Very fun idea,thanks for sharing with us! Your frame is beautiful!

Alejandra said...

So cute!! I loooove pretty frames... and chalkboards are the best!! :D I sooo need one of those in my room... :D

MagicMarkingsArt said...

Great idea, and truly beautiful post. consider yourself followed. :)

Audrey said...

That's lovely!! The frame is great!

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