Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goodie Bags

I went to an Estate sale with a friend on Saturday. We were a little late but got there before 9:30. It didn't matter. This house was jammed packed with goods and everything seemed to be reasonably priced. I love these kind of sales. Lots of good, cheap stuff.!! All of the good furniture pieces were gone but in the attic and in the basement, there were boxes and boxes full of goodies.
Lately, I have been collecting small vintage items that I can group together and sell in little baggies. They make me happy just looking at them. I will list a few on my Etsy shop this week and add a few to my booth in Milford.
Here are just some of the things that I found.

I grouped them together to make these cute little bags. (they were tricky to photograph. glare...ugh!)


Sandee said...

Baggie Idea is fabulous! Oh I wish I had time to got to estate sales....I love all the buttons, have collected them for years! Great finds!

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Hello Piper, This is my first visit to your blog. I found you on Lilly Sue's. I loved reading your blog. You found lots of neat treasures at the Estate Sale. I love the cute glitter cottages you make and also am amazed with how organized your supplies are. I love crafting but I am also very disorganized. Maybe it the lack of room!!?? Yeah, thats it, blame the small house... =)
Have a great weekend!!

Wendy said...

These are lovely. It's nice when you find a great estate sale like this one and your goodie bag idea is inspired!

Stephanie said...

thank you, thank you

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