Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Big Thank You....

I was browsing this great site called  Decorating Your Way  and happened upon a post   
called, Craft Room Design & Storage Inspiration. I was delighted to see that #7 was a photo of my kids craft room. When I put this area together a few years ago, I had no idea that it would generate so much attention and be such a great design inspiration for so many people. The last time that I checked, it was added to nearly 6000 ideabooks on the website I have also seen it on blogs, Pinterest, Flickr and even on Facebook.

Here is my original post....

 The previous owners left us the long white table.  
It weighs a ton so I can see why they didn't want to take it.
I added two cabinets from Lowes at each end and connected everything with a peg board.

Peg boards are easy to paint if you use a roller.
 I buy these mini rollers from Sherwin Williams that work great.
I use them on all of my furniture painting too.

When you hang your peg board, don't forget to attach it to a
 piece of wood that is about an inch thick. The peg board needs to stick out
 from the wall so that here is enough space for you to use the hooks.

 I found most of the storage containers from Ikea. 
Very easy to use and they can be moved around when needed.
The chairs were $14 each...what a bargain.


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